Books & Arts – Featherston’s got it covered!

Listen again to last month’s show which features interviews with Kate Mead, Director of Operations for Featherston Booktown, Jen Olson, one of the organisers of the Wairarapa Art Sale, and local artist and entrepreneur, Emma McCleary. Featherston Booktown will take place in Featherston across the weekend of 12th-14th May 2017.  Combine your passion for books with … More Books & Arts – Featherston’s got it covered!

Featherston Stories #2

After my lovely chat with Siv and Kara on ReCooper8 the other night, it struck me that over the last few years I’ve covered quite a lot of stories from Featherston.  So, over the next few days, I’ll be re-releasing some my favourites, starting today with Rethinking Featherston.  First aired in November 2014, this piece is … More Featherston Stories #2

Rethinking Featherston #2

Following on from their successful engagement and consultation with the people of Featherston, the Victoria University School of Landscape Architecture students are back! And this time with dozens of beautifully crafted ideas for the spaces and places of Featherston, Wairarapa! I, along with many other locals, turned up to the Re:Invent Exhibition the Anzac Hall … More Rethinking Featherston #2

Access Radio. It’s for/about/by you, and you, and you!

You don’t have to know me for long to realize that I’m pretty evangelical about Arrow FM, the Wairarapa’s Access Radio station.  This post will prove it. Arrow FM (92.7fm) is Access Radio (Access Radio Reaching Over Wairarapa… geddit?!).  In fact, Arrow FM is one of twelve Access Radio stations in New Zealand. Access Radio is … More Access Radio. It’s for/about/by you, and you, and you!

Interview with Christine Hunt Daniell

Just an Orange for Christmas: Stories from the Wairarapa is Christine Hunt Daniell’s latest book, which uses material from interviews with  ‘old- timers’ to (as the Harper Collins NZ website says) “preserve more than the bland surface details of regional history”. I had the pleasure of talking to Christine over a skype connection just after the … More Interview with Christine Hunt Daniell

Lots to look forward to on Arrow FM, 92.7FM!

Tune into 92.7FM this Thursday, 19th September, and catch up with some great local content from the South Wai!  We’ve got a great new monthly show aimed at mums with young children brought to you by Tiff North, Plunket’s Community Support Liaison Officer for the Wairarapa.  The show’s title, Cold Tea and Laundry Piles, reflects the … More Lots to look forward to on Arrow FM, 92.7FM!