Access Radio. It’s for/about/by you, and you, and you!

Arrow FM, one of 12 terrifically awesome Access Radio stations in NZ
Arrow FM, one of 12 terrifically awesome Access Radio stations in NZ

You don’t have to know me for long to realize that I’m pretty evangelical about Arrow FM, the Wairarapa’s Access Radio station.  This post will prove it.

Arrow FM (92.7fm) is Access Radio (Access Radio Reaching Over Wairarapa… geddit?!).  In fact, Arrow FM is one of twelve Access Radio stations in New Zealand.

Access Radio is seriously cool, and here’s why.

Access Radio is about…well, ACCESS.  Access Stations around the country provide facilities, training and support for YOU (yes, that means YOU) to gain access to the airwaves.   The programmes you hear on Arrow FM are created by, for and about people, communities, groups JUST LIKE YOU!  And when we are not broadcasting your shows, we play 100% New Zealand music.  No shouty ads.  100% New Zealand music.

Got the message yet?  NO!  Well, let me tell you some more.  Minority groups whose cultures, concerns, interests, issues and/or musical tastes are not catered for in the mainstream media can hear familiar voices presenting material produced specifically for them, on their local access radio station.  We even have a little bit of legislation just for Access Radio.  Yep, cheeky old section 36c of the Broadcasting Act requires us to offer our services to a specified range of minorities –

 Children and Young Persons.
 People with disabilities
 Ethnic minorities
 People with religious and spiritual beliefs

And you’ll not get a corduroy clad station manager looking over your shoulder while you make awesome radio.  Typical of all Access Radio stations, Arrow FM does not impose editorial input (except to provide advice on matters of broadcasting codes of practice and legal responsibilities).  We just ask that all our wonderful broadcasters maintain a tolerant attitude toward the beliefs and perspectives expressed by the station’s diverse family of programme makers.  Isn’t life just better that way, anyhow?

A quick glance at Arrow FM’s schedule gives you an idea of the breadth of local programme-making on offer in the Wairarapa.   And we even dedicate a specific part of our schedule to the south of the region.  So, if you live in the South Wairarapa, you can hear shows dedicated to local arts and culture (ReCooper8), parenting and childcare issues (Cold Tea and Laundry Piles from Plunket), local community issues (Southern Exposure), adult learning (SWALA Hour), health and fitness (Move with Ease), environmental and sustainability issues (Project Wairarapa) and foreign languages (Spaetzle Radio).   All bought to you by local broadcasters living, working, and being fantastic in YOUR communities!   Tune in.  Chances are, you’ll hear someone you know.  Like your neighbour.  Or that nice man down the road.

But, as great as all this undoubtedly is, as your friendly southern area coordinator for Arrow FM, I WANT MORE!  Yes, more!  More broadcasters, more programmes, more of your voices and your stories and your music on the air!  Think you might be able to help?  Then read on!

Get YOUR voice heard!

Go on, admit it.  You are interested in making a radio programme.  Well, you might have lost a packet on the Melbourne Cup, but your luck is still holding up somewhere along the line because at Arrow FM we are always keen to hear from anyone that wishes to broadcast, and we specialize in bringing new broadcasters and their programmes to air.

So, if you have an idea for a programme, or would like to discuss supporting a programme maker through sponsorship, then contact me, Lucy, via this blog or by email


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