An Interview with Fab Feathy!

17203187_10155018913820396_2059132129756403901_nOn Sunday 19th March it was my pleasure to chat with Kara Pennington and Siv Fjaerestad, two power houses of community action in Featherston.  They came in to talk about (amongst a heap of other things!) Featherston’s new community development venture, Fab Feathy, and the Community Potluck dinner that will be happening at the Anzac Hall in Feathy on Sunday 2 April 2017.  Click on the link or download this programme to your favourite fruit-based devise!

We cover a lot in the show, so follow the links here for more information:

Fab Feathy, including a link to the survey (fill it our, South Wairarapans!) and Community Potluck Dinner info:
And, here’s a link to the community potluck dinner event on Facebook – 
Wairarapa Art Sale, including guidelines and online registration form:
Meals on Wheels for Featherston: Cost $9.20 pr meal, delivered Mon-Friday. If anyone wants to order a meal or become a volunteer delivering meals: contact May Brown 06 308 6912.
Thank you to Siv and Kara for a great chat, and for all the work that they and their friends and colleagues do in the community!

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