Rethinking Featherston #2

The Exhibition runs till Sunday 16th November – and you can vote for your favourite design! Make your voice heard – VOTE!

Following on from their successful engagement and consultation with the people of Featherston, the Victoria University School of Landscape Architecture students are back! And this time with dozens of beautifully crafted ideas for the spaces and places of Featherston, Wairarapa!

I, along with many other locals, turned up to the Re:Invent Exhibition the Anzac Hall on the 4th November to be inspired by fabulous designs and ideas created by VUW for our town.  Click on the link below to a feature cobbled together using the voices of Emily Greenberg, MA students Megan, Kurt and Maria, local archaeologist Christine Barnett, VUW tutor Bruno Marques and some local young’s!  Music: Into the Night by Landscape and Skate Park by Outer Kid.


Also to be featured in this Sunday’s edition of Southern Exposure at midday on 92.7FM!


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