Take 143! When you just can’t seem to get it!

Maybe it was the unusual recording ‘studio’ (I was in the cupboard under the stairs); maybe it was the lateness of the hour; maybe I was channelling these wonderful fellas!  Whatever it was, something found my funny bone!

Apologies to Masterton Rotary!  Rest assured, I got it in the end!  You can listen to the whole edition of Preserving Memories, the radio show that brings you the voices and stories of older people living in the rest homes, care homes and retirement villages of the Wairarapa, on Sunday at 2.30pm on 92.7FM, Arrow FM!


One thought on “Take 143! When you just can’t seem to get it!

  1. So great to hear you giggling away for no apparent reason. Maybe it was a rotisserie roast?
    The program sounds really worthwhile too!!

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