Spinners, Weavers and Rugby Players!

I’ve been out and about a bit with my mobile recorder snaffling lots of lovely audio and then wrangling it into these two pieces.  The first is an interview with the gorgeous ladies of the Wairarapa Spinners and Weavers, who meet regularly at the Wool Shed in Masterton, the National Museum of Sheep and Shearing.


The second is a glimpse into the goings on at the Greytown Rugby Club, one of the sport organizations supported by Greytown Sport and Leisure Society.  This feature was recorded on the day Greytown Senior A’s encountered the Masterton based Marists to determine who would progress to the Tui Cup 2015 final!

A huge thanks to all the wonderful spinners, weavers, rugby players and fans that put up with me following them around with my recorder!


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