Featherston’s main street in the press

Wise words! Featherston is on the rise!

Featherston Zen Garden

Our little town and it’s main street was on TV on Monday night. On TV3 Story. Not the most flattering story. The Editor of the Wairarapa Times Age talks about it in his latest Editorial titles “Mocking a small town“.

I don’t know what to think about the TV story. It was kinda sad and kinda amusing at the same time. Small town bitterness and frustrations. It solved nothing, it did nothing except to make a stubborn man dig in a little more.

I’ve recently had a discussion with a man working with youth in our town. Why would the youth have pride in our town while the adults to not. They have a point. But I think Booktown has brought out that pride. The youth and the adults of this town should feel pride, not for the moment for how it looks with the run down buildings…

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