Poems in the Waiting Room

It’s never much fun waiting in the doctor’s surgery. It’s up there with clearing customs and driving tests for things you’d rather not be doing. So, anything that makes it a more pleasant experience has got to be celebrated, I say! Next to the usual tattered copies of that’s life, Woman’s Day, and Hornby Magazine I found a cheerful red leaflet entitled Poetry in the Waiting Room, sponsored by the Bendigo Valley Sports and Charity Foundation. “Yours to keep!” It says on the front! It’s a collection of beautiful poems from 2013 Poetry in the Waiting Room (PitWR) competition. The poems are an uplifting blend of warmth, humour and gentle humanity, and a reminder of poetry’s unique ability to draw us in, sum us up, and send us on our way a little bit better than we were before. Certainly, the placebo effect of this leaflet was extraordinary!



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