Lights, Camera…. ACTION!

On the set of Loner, out in the car park of the Greytown Working Men's Club
On the set of Loner, out in the car park of the Greytown Working Men’s Club

Yesterday, I did something unusual.  Unusual for me, that is.  I starred (ok, ‘starred’ is way too big a word.  But it sounds better than ‘was in’, doesn’t it!) in a NZ short film.  (Look, frankly, I’m still beside myself about the whole experience, so bear with me!)  I played the Wild Eyed Woman in Loner, a brief story about dispossession, love and firearms, and for three, maybe two short seconds, my Woman scares the be-jesus out of the film’s ‘hero’, Paul, as he desperately tries to find someone, anyone, to sign his gun license.   Yes, it’s a small part.  Yes, I wear the most ridiculous hat.  And yes, I may get edited out altogether!  But, man, what an experience!

Wild Eyed Woman (or WEW for short) is agitated, morbid, and clearly a bit bonkers.  I’d been rehearsing my few lines for a couple of weeks, but couldn’t quite get the sense of the character.  Maybe rehearsing in front of two under-5’s wasn’t the best preparation.  Their feedback seemed to be limited to “mum, stop it!” or, even more profound, “have you seen my princess knickers”!  I was terrified I’d be so woeful that the ever patient, ever encouraging writer-director, Wendell Cooke, would boot me off the set and collar someone off the street to do it instead!  But, (and here you are going to have to dig deep, people, and allow me to indulge in some star-struck prose) mercifully, once I was in front of the camera and Jack Sergent-Shadbolt (stars in Fresh Meat… much taller than he looks on the telly), who plays Paul, it all seemed to come together.  I found my inner-WEW!  (There.  It’s over.  You can open your eyes again now).

The crew and the cast were fantastic, and were thrilled that little old Greytown had taken them into their hearts and their Working Men’s Club, where some of the film was shot.  Even the card-playing ladies got roped in.  I’m not sure when, how or where it will be screened, but don’t you worry, I won’t hold back once I know!  I took a few snaps of my adventures in film.  Right, I’m heading back to my trailer to my Bob Hope impersonator and basket of white kittens.  Ciao, daaaarling!!  Mwah, mwah!


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