March 2020’s edition of ReCooper8 available now!

Katie and Lucy chatted with William Conner on March’s edition of ReCooper8

There aren’t many things Katie and I would describe as ‘rip-snorting’, but Sunday’s show on Arrow FM 92.7 is certainly one of them! Guest after guest after guest, almost as if it was a planned and organised broadcast. Uncanny.

So, pop in your earbuds and tuck in to interviews with William Connor, the writer behind upcoming show The Quiet Living of Lost Things; Mandi Lynn, filmmaker, photographer and activist; Johanna Hehir and Lisa Birrell, the innovators behind period education non-profit, Divine River; Becky Bateman, Wairarapa’s premier (and nicest) astronomer; and Lisa Scott, burlesque goddess! You can watch and listen here, via YouTube, Wairarapa TV, or subscribe to our podcast via iTunes! You can also follow us on Facebook!

Click on the links above to tickets and/or information about all the wonderful happenings discussed on the show.

Thank you to all our beautiful guests for making our Sunday night a great night! Thank you to Arrow FM for making community broadcasting even possible; and to Toby Mills and Wairarapa TV for making radio so damned interactive! You all rock!



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