May’s episode of ReCooper8 is available now!

May’s episode of ReCooper8 is available now (apologies for the tardiness – it was first aired on Arrow FM at the end of May!). Many thanks to our guests Becky Bateman (Under the Stars), Jen Olson (artist extraordinaire!) and Charlotte Harding (Tea with a Slice of Life)! It was a beautiful de-brief on the COVID-19 experience (a conversation we have only just started, I’m pretty certain of that).

You can also watch the show on YouTube, Wairarapa TV or right here (check out the pre-lockdown lift hair!

See you 21 June for the next edition of ReCooper8 with Green Party Candidate Celia Wade-Brown and Felicity Abbott, production designer on The Luminaries!!

Thank you Arrow FM for providing your fabulous community access radio service! We love you!


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