May’s edition of ReCooper8

Tonight on Recooper8Yes, we’ve got a little behind in the posting of the blogs and podcasts!  Back in May, Katie and Coops chatted with a delightful series of guests, including Bronwyn Reid, Aratoi Museum of Art and History Collections Manager; Quinn Kanaly and Noel Dockstader, directors of the superb documentary, Point of No Return; and Amadeo Enriquez-Ballestero, Discovery World Coordinator at Otago Museum.

It all happened live, via your transistor radio on Arrow FM 92.7FM  (or your laptop via the website, on 20th May 2018, and is now available as a podcast from iTunes and (soon I promise!) some other podcast delivery services!

A huge thank you to our gorgeous, generous sponsors, The Greytown Hotel, otherwise known as The Top Pub! The place to be! Check them out on Facebook.



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