ReCooper8 Tonight at 8pm…

Enrico Tizzano reviews Jaochim 'the Moustache' Phoenix's latest film on tonight's ReCooper8
Enrico Tizzano reviews Joaquin ‘the Moustache’ Phoenix’s latest film on tonight’s ReCooper8

I’ve been a slack alice on the blog front, and it’s not going to improve with this blog post, that’s for sure!  So here it is, short and sweet!  Tune in 92.7FM tonight (or listen live here) for Enrico’s reviews of Her, Stand Up Guys and the latest in the Super Man franchise; Anne Taylor’s review of the latest exhibitions at the Aratoi Museum in Carterton; and great music from Joan as Police Woman, Caro Emerald and Janelle Monae!

Check out my page on Arrow FM and download podcasts of recent ReCooper8s!


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