Enrico’s March and April’s film reviews now available to listen again here

 film imageIt’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it, and that someone is Enrico Tizzano – every month he watches film after film after film on ReCooper8’s behalf to brings us top reviews and witty banter!

So, click on the links below and treat yourself to a double bill of film reviews – back in March, Enrico threw himself under the bus of entertainment to watch Pacific RimBehind the CandelabraRush and my favourite film of 2014 so far, Captain Phillips.

And in April, Enrico, like all good heros, dusted himself down and picked himself up to go toe-to-toe with Her, Superman: Man of Steel, and Stand Up Guys

Please Note: no mixed metaphors were harmed in the blogging of this post.



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