ReCooper8 July: The One where Lucy Goes On and On about being on Holiday

Mum's Shed... an al fresco recording studio!
Mum’s Shed… which doubles up nicely as an al fresco recording studio!

For those of a chilly disposition, look away now, because July’s edition of ReCooper8 is one big holiday BOAST!  I’ll even confess to pre-recording some of the show in my mum’s back garden in what can only be described as rather hot temperatures!  Tune in to 92.7FM (or listen live at Arrow FM) at 8pm on Thursday 18th July, 10pm Sunday 21st July and 8pm Thursday 25th July for a little bit of the seaside!

The highlight of the show for me is my interview with the Bathampton Morris Dancers, who just happened to pop along for a few jigs and reels to the Square and Compass Pub, where Jez and I were catching up with some old friends.   What a treat!  The men looked resplendent in their white uniforms, red baldrics and fringed waistcoats, and the dancing and music was reminiscent of a soft and mellow England of times gone past.  My sincere thanks to John, Bathampton’s Fool, and his band of merry men for the opportunity to learn more about their craft.  There are lots of websites dedicated to exploring and explaining the history and practice of Morris Dancing in the UK.  The Morris Ring, the website of the National Association of Men’s Morris and Sword Dance Clubs, is a great place to start if you are interested in finding out more.

Plus, catch up with The Partridge Family’s travels to Vancouver and our friends Mark Branscombe (of the Mud Bay Blues Band) and Colleen Rogan, a visit to the Dorset Seafood Festival, and upcoming event 16, to celebrate New Zealand’s National Poetry Day on 16th August 2013 (more of which in a forthcoming blog!)

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening!  And if you are not on holiday, stay warm!


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