Poetry and Leather… who’d have thought it!

ReCooper8 this month airs on

 Thursday 20th June @ 8pm

 Sunday 23rd June @ 10pm

 Thursday 27th June @ 8pm

 92.7FM or click ‘listen live’ at www.arrowfm.co.nz

Trevor on the phoneMy feature guest this month is Trevor Lamb, an artist whose chosen medium is leather – a versatile and beguiling material, the seemingly infinite possibilities and potential of which Trevor has been exploring from his workshop studio in Carterton for well over a decade.  From the deliciously smooth contours of his classic bowler hats, to his trademark steampunk helmets, to his sculpted lilies, torsos and masks, Trevor’s skill with and respect for leather is indisputable.  And it’s a talent that has seen his work being used in films such as King Kong, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and, most recently, the Hobbit movies.  Tune in to ReCooper8 to hear my conversation with Trevor in which he talks about his determination to make it as a self-supporting craftsman and artist, his experience of working in the movie industry, and his future plans and schemes.  My thanks to Trevor for his time, and one of the tastiest coffees I’ve had in ages!

When we aren’t talking leather, we are talking poetry this month.  It’s National Poetry Month on the 16th August, and one of the organisors, local poet Madeleine Slavick, has shared the provisional programme with me.  The programme is based around the number 16, for instance:

  • A small publication featuring the work of 16 wairarapa-based poets, covering approximately 8 towns
  • Each of the 16 poets would arrange for the publication to be available – at no cost – at a venue in their town/city (eg cafe, pub, retail shop) on august 16 only
  • We hope to handwrite poems on the windows of these 16 (or more) outlets leading up to the 16th

It’s also hoped that the publication will be donated to all 48 primary and secondary schools in the Wairarapa.  Poets taking part include John Horrocks, Clare McLennan-Kissel, Di Batchelor, Jan Farr, Jan Lenihan, Madeleine Slavick, Gaye Sutton, and Keith Thorsen.  It’s great to see a celebration of poetry aimed at getting poetry out there, into the community, and I look forward to bringing you more details in the coming weeks.

I heard about National Poetry Day at last month’s Wairarapa Word event, that I’ve blogged about in the past here and here.  I also caught wind of a National Poetry Conference taking place in the Hawke’s Bay in November.  Tune in this month and next for more information about what promises to be an exciting and challenging event.

Music this month is mainly from Timothy Blackman and friends.  Based in Wellington, Tim is soon to be launching a new album, and is hoping to play some gigs here in the Wairarapa.  Tune in tonight at 8pm to hear a couple of his beautiful tracks, and some music from artists Tim has worked with recently.

Thanks for your time!  I know there is a lot of choice on the airwaves, and I appreciate you taking the time to listen to ReCooper8.

Helmets and skulls
Helmets and skulls
Steampunk Helmet par excellance
Steampunk Helmet par excellance

2 thoughts on “Poetry and Leather… who’d have thought it!

  1. Trevor & I used to work together in CTN…one of the best days was going in to work and hearing that he had quit….was so happy for him that he would take that leap, back himself and devote even more time to doing what he loved! There are so many talented Featherston folk I would love to see do the same. Your programme helps give a voice to these folks Lucy. Am so stoked you can talk to these people and get them to tell their stories.

    1. Hey Heather! Thanks so much for that bit of background on Trevor, and for your support of the show. It’s a privilege to be able to speak to all the amazing people in South Wairarapa. It’s an incredible place, with incredible people! Loving your blog, by the way! Hope you are staying warm in ChCh!

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