Something that has caught my eye this morning – the Mindful Writing Challenge

jan13badgesmallA rare thing is happening this morning in my house.  I am up, and nobody else is!  The baby has gone back to bed… the bigger one is still snoozing.  Husband is catching up on some zzzz’s having been up a lot of the night with the baby (I didn’t hear a thing!  Promise!).  And G’ma and G’pa are cosied up in their cabin.  So, after sorting and tidying up the toy bomb in the living room, I turned to Twitter for a quick turn about the planetary room, and happened upon this, the Mindful Writing Challenge January 2013.  It sounds deliciously simple, and potentially very rewarding.  Here’s the ‘Everso Quick Version’:

  1. Notice something properly every day during January.
  2. Write it down.

The results of your mindful creative labours are called ‘small stones’, “a short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment”.  Fiona and Kaspa, the originators of this idea, provide a great deal more information, guidance and advice on their blogsite, Writing Our Way Home.  Or, you can just run with the Everso Quick version…

Your skin, ice-cream sticky.  Deliciously plump.  One fat fist clutches raisins, the other, cheese, sweaty, and a soggy cracker.  There’s a rainstorm and it’s lunchtime in the car with baby.

I’m not sure if I’ve entirely got the idea yet, but that’s a small stone that popped up yesterday before I knew about this project, and now I have the perfect excuse and reason to write it down!

Anyway…. the ‘rare thing’ is coming to an end.  Mum’s up.  I can hear the little ones stirring.  But, thank you, family, for giving me this little bit of time this morning.  The toys are tidied, I’ve written a small stone, and I’ve shared the idea with you.  I think I’ve used my time well!


You can follow Satyavani Fiona Robyn on Twitter @fiona_robyn, or read her blog at Writing Our Way Home.


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