Throwing another #smallstone into the River

How are your small stones going?  Remember these?  Short pieces of ‘writing that precisely capture a fully-engaged moment’, inspired by Fiona and Kaspa of the Writing Our Way Home blog?  I confess, I’ve not managed one a day, but I did come up with one to-day!  Here she goes…

I’m reading my book in the square.  When I look up from the page I see everything with an almost blinding clarity.  I sense the shape of me in the world.  I feel a lovely summer sense of contentment.

Martinborough Square, in all it's summer glory!
Martinborough Square, in all it’s summer glory!

Too big for Twitter, so maybe it’s less a small stone, more of a medium-sized pebble.  It would be great to hear yours, if you fancy sharing them here!


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