December’s Interviews

Hello there, I hope you had a great Christmas!  I am feeling considerably more round and calculate that my personal chocolate:mince pie:turkey ratio is currently standing at roughly 80:10:10.  Yes, being a Brit by birth, my family went the Turkey With All the Trimmings route, with left overs consumed on Boxing Day with a lot of mash potato, gherkins and pickled onions!  In fact, just writing it down is giving me indigestion!

Christmas Carnage!
Christmas Carnage!

So, now the Christmas dust has settled, I thought I’d make available the two interviews from the December ReCooper8 – we have my chat with Astrid Nielsch (aka Asni the Harper), and five minutes with Sian from Ladybirds introducing their new initiative for 2013, The Blue School.   I’m hoping to put together a bigger Ladybird’s feature for the January show, so look out for more information on that here.

Interview with Astrid Nielsch, December 2012

Interview with Sian Patterson, Ladybirds, about The Blue School, opening in early 2013

Just before Christmas, when I should have been wrapping presents, I set up a Facebook page for ReCooper8, so I think now I have all social media outlets covered – you can follow me on Twitter, follow this blog, and/or ‘like’ ReCooper8 on Facebook.

Next stop – New Year!  You need some stamina in this game, eh!  Enjoy your celebrations, and see you in 2013!


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