The Merry Christmas Show!

I’m feeling very Christmassy – the ReCooper8 Christmas show is in the bag, and this month in the broadcasting ‘suite’ at the Featherston Community Centre I was accompanied by my mum, Avie, and my eldest daughter, Isla, who gave our ragged proceedings a learned flavour by doing maths on air!  She’s only three and a half, so I was pretty impressed that she took the time to tell listeners that 5 plus 5 = 10!  I can’t remember now what the Carol Vordeman moment was in aid of… Christmas can do that to a person.  But, I’m learning that it doesn’t take much for a pre-schooler to launch into a spontaneous demonstration of a newly found skill!

We’ll broadcast this month on Thursday, 20th December at 8pm, on Sunday 23rd at 10pm, and then again on Thursday 27th December at 8pm.  You can listen live at, or crank up the transistor and scoot the dial all the way to 92.7FM.  Don’t panic if you miss the show… I’ll be posting the interviews up on this blog after they’ve aired, and, hopefully in 2013 Arrow FM will be unveiling some playback and listen again facilities!  Watch this space!

The show is jam packed with some of my favourite Christmas tunes, culled from the only Christmas album my family owned when I was growing up… the Best Christmas Album Ever, or The Only Christmas Album You’ll Ever Need… something like that!  So good that we lost the tape down the back of a sofa sometime during the 90s and had to hunt the internet high and low for it last year when the call of nostalgia got too strong to ignore!  It’s me age… so, indulge me, grab your air guitar and scream ‘It’s Chhhhhhrrrrrrrissssssstmaaaaaas’ along with Noddy Holder and friends!

The interview this month is with Astrid Neilsch, Featherston’s polymath (she’s quite taken with that description!).  Astrid talks about her development as an artist, her latest exhibition at the Carterton Events Centre, and harping for hobbits!  Astrid’s beautiful harp music is available on iTunes – ethereal and yet earthy, I would recommend any one of Astrid’s albums as a great Christmas gift for the music lover in your life.

I also managed to grab 5 minutes with my sponsor, Ladybirds Childcare Centre in Greytown. They will be telling us about the very exciting education projects they will be launching early in 2013.

And, if you are struggling with your Christmas shopping, then we take you through a very quick tour of retail therapy options available to you in Featherston… I’ve blogged about this in detail here.

So… the end of 2012 is nearly upon us, and what a year it has been!  My sincere thanks to anybody who has ever listened to my show, or had a gander at my blog.  I really do appreciate it.  I look forward to taking you and your friends with me next year on some more Adventures in Broadcasting!  And, don’t forget, if you fancy a go at this broadcasting lark, do contact me.  I am currently working for Arrow FM actively looking for new broadcasters and new sponsors for our fabulous community radio service.  Don’t be shy, give it a try…. or I’ll be forced to expose you to more weak rhyming couplets.  You’ve been warned!

Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2013!


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