April’s show was a corker!

Missed ReCooper8 on Sunday? Well, do not despair – you have a second chance! It really was a goodie. We chatted with Jen Olson about Featherston Booktown; Jane Ross about the upcoming Wairarapa Film Festival; Rebekah Merhtens about life travelling around the South Island in a bus with her family; and Christine Eliseev about her family’s efforts to raise funds to evacuate her mother-in-law, Lyubov, from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Equally delightfully, you can watch the show on YouTube!

Radio with pictures! Who’d have thunk it!

Thank you to our fabulous guests, to the wonderful folk at Arrow FM that make this show possible, and to Toby Mills at Wairarapa TV for all his technical wizardry!


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