For your listening pleasure – Greytown Arts Festival

Typically, resource management planning (my day job) sits worlds away from the colourful realm of the arts .  However, back in June when I needed to find a creative solution to my childcare issues for my return to work, the felicitous hand of fate kindly arranged for me to share an office with Steffen Kreft, the co-ordinator of this year’s Greytown Arts Festival, and with Anne Taylor, who took care of the Festival’s public relations.

There’s nothing like the being surrounded by the sounds and sights associated with the organisation of an arts festival to take one’s mind off the why’s and wherefore’s of a municipal wastewater consent application… and I am extremely grateful to Anne and Steffen for keeping me sane in those early days back at work!  I quickly became a huge fan of the festival, and recorded an interview with Steffen and Anne a few weeks before the festival opened, and then cobbled together a bit of a feature on the Festival itself.  Both are now available for your listening pleasure!  My thanks to all those who contributed to these features!

Here’s my interview with Steffen Kreft and Anne Taylor, organisors of this year’s Greytown Arts Festival

Here’s an audio trip around this year’s festival, involving guerilla poets, blind diners and a benevolent dragon…


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