What is Access Radio, and how can you become part of it?

Arrow FM (92.7fm) is one of twelve Access Radio stations in New Zealand.  But what is Access Radio, and how can you become part of it?  Read on to find out…

Access Radio is about…well, ACCESS.  Access Stations around the country provide facilities and support for minority and specialist interest groups and individuals, to gain access to the airwaves.   Crucially, programmes are created by, for and about these communities. Minority groups whose cultures, concerns, interests, issues and/or musical tastes are not catered for in the mainstream media can hear familiar voices presenting material produced specifically for them, on their local access radio station.

A quick glance at Arrow FM’s schedule will give you an idea of the breadth of local programme-making on offer in the Wairarapa.  There’s CanTalk, bringing you news, tips and advice from the Cancer Society; Wheels on Fire, covering disability issues in our region; even our local branch of the Toastmasters have their own show, tastily named Slice of Toast.  In addition there’s foreign language programming, Maori and Pacific programmes, broadcasts aimed at younger people, not to mention music programming covering a range of genres, including blues, 60s nostalgia, and electronic music.  And this is all brought to you by local broadcasters from your communities.

Arrow FM does not impose editorial input (except to provide advice on matters of broadcasting codes of practice and legal responsibilities), and broadcasters are encouraged to maintain a tolerant attitude toward the beliefs and perspectives expressed by the station’s diverse family of programme makers.  This inclusive management style is typical of the modus operandi of access stations nationally.

Get YOUR voice heard!

Are you interested in making a radio programme?  Arrow FM is always keen to hear from anyone that wishes to broadcast, and we are especially keen to hear from people not typically heard on main stream radio – for example ethnic and religious minorities, women, youth, children, people with disabilities, special interest groups and other minorities in the community.

If you live in or around the Masterton area, click here to find out how you can learn the skills of broadcasting and get your voice on the air!  If you live in the southern part of the Wairarapa region, Featherston, for example, or Martinborough or Greytown, then you can record your programme once a month from the Featherston Community Centre.  I’ve been employed by Arrow FM to help actively develop the presence of Access Radio in this part of the region, and I’m eager to make contact with potential broadcasters and sponsors.  If you have an idea for a programme, or would like to discuss supporting a programme maker through sponsorship, then contact me, Lucy, via this blog or by email lucy_e_cooper2003@yahoo.co.uk


3 thoughts on “What is Access Radio, and how can you become part of it?

  1. I had an Arrow FM show for 5 years, stopped it earlier this year, I am now in a wheelchair but would willing to participate in a show regarding mobility issues.

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for your message, and for following the blog! We worked briefly together at the Community Centre when you were on the board – do you recall? And it would be good to catch up again. Hopefully going to meet a few people over the next couple of weeks about new shows, and if we can have your involvement in some way, that would be fantastic. I shall keep you posted, and perhaps we could meet for a coffee sometime before Christmas? Let me know. Cheers, Lucy

      1. that would be great, I am sure I will recognize you once we connect, names slip my mind at times 🙂 coffee would be great, I am in my wheelchair but work out of my studio so can meet anytime, with a days notice, thanks Lucy.

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