New Fiction for Kids – The Old White Truck

It’s not every day you can say, “My boss has published a children’s book!”, unless you happen to work for Lynley Dodd, that is.  But I’m proud to say my boss, Phil Percy, has, so I can!  Phil, who by day runs his own resource management firm, Perception Planning, has very recently published The Old White Truck, described on the book’s website as “a quirky and amusingly illustrated snapshot of what makes small-town New Zealand tick”.  It’s based on “the real comings and goings of Mr Mills and is a tribute to Mrs Mills’ legendary home made scones!” And, it’s a delight.

We’ve read it, several times, to our children, Isla (3 years) and Florrie (6 months) and it gets a big thumbs up (or, in Florrie’s case, gums up – she is quite an adept paper chewer!) from all of us.  Phil’s charming poetical style, combined with his dad’s lovely illustrations, make for a captivating read that provides a tantalizing glimpse into the early morning life of a small New Zealand town. It’s beautifully designed and produced, too – good quality paper, wonderful rich colours, great use of fonts – and a snip at $20 (about 10GPB).

You can buy your copy of The Old White Truck at Peonies and The Wine Centre (Village Cafe) in Martinborough, or order at – overseas shipping is available.  Also, you can ‘like’ The Old White Truck on Facebook.  I also understand that there will be a copy in each of the local South Wairarapa Libraries – Featherston, Greytown, Carterton and, naturally, Martinborough.


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