September’s edition of ReCooper8 now available!

Relive the fun, joy and occasional smart phone/office furniture drama of last night’s edition of ReCooper8 with Katie and Coops! On the show we had the pleasure of music appreciation with artist and musicophile Jen Olson, film chat with Jane Ross, creative director of the Wairarapa Film Festival, and book chat with Martinborough-based author Jared Gulian, whose latest novel, The Last Beekeeper, is making a tremendous impact on readers across the globe.

You can listen here:


Or watch here (it really was just the Katie Show, visually, on account of not all of the cameras working! Fortunately, she was wearing some spectacular lippy!):

And vision!

A huge thank you to our wonderful guests! Massive thanks as always go to Arrow FM, one of Aotearoa’s 12 community access radio stations, for giving us the opportunity to be on air, and to Toby Mills and Wairarapa TV for making it radio with pictures!

Did you know you can subscribe to ReCooper8 on iTunes and Spotify? Check it out!


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