The Business of Happy – Incentro, Holland

More and more firms are understanding the benefits of valuing happiness in the workplace

Incentro is an IT solutions and digital services company based in Holland. I came across an article published by the BBC about Incentro’s 2012 re-boot from a traditional top-down firm to a business with happiness and fun at its heart.  I wanted to learn more about this incredible company where all staff are equal and even get to set their own salaries. So I tracked down John de Koning, one of the founders of Incentro, and his colleague, Stef Lagomatis. Over a (relatively!) stable Skype connection I chatted with John and Stef about Incentro’s recent growth, development and spirit of innovation.

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Do you run, own or work for a company exploring or trialling modern ways of working? Has your workplace ditched the ‘business as usual’ model for something more innovative? Yes? Well, I’d love to hear your story.  Contact me using the form below, or email me at


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