Episode 1 – Thank you Mr President. No, really…

HIlary, your computer upgrade has arrived.....
Hilary, your computer upgrade has arrived…..

A couple of hours ago, when I was drinking in the ‘You’ve Been Tango’d’ moment that was Donald J Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States of America, I couldn’t have imagined saying these words:  Thank you, Mr President!  Yes, THANK YOU!  Because if it wasn’t for you making me feel slightly queasy, I wouldn’t have torn myself away from the internet and finished producing my audio feature about writer, Alex Cruickshank, and his awesome Back to the Future-esque computer collection!

If I could turn back time….

If I could find a way….

(I never imagined I’d be nostalgic for lunchtime.)

Thank you Alex!  And thank you Mr President.  People, it’s gonna be GREAT.


And to read some of the articles mentioned in this feature, click on the links below:

1990 day:

Broken internet:

Various details about some of the other machines I saw the day we recorded the interview:
http://www.ministryofprose.com/blog/blogs.html (the ‘writing machines’ posts)


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