Episode 3 – Martinborough’s Earliest Radio Memories

New Zealand
Martinborough looking gorgeous!

I took a number of folk by surprise in Martinborough the other day and asked them to recall their earliest radio memory.  It was all part of my involvement in The Big Listen campaign, a nationwide celebration taking place throughout August this year of New Zealand’s 12 community access radio stations and the incredible work they and their programme makers and supporters do to get the many, diverse voices of their communities heard.

The good citizens of Martinborough were incredibly generous with their time and their thoughts.  Huge thanks to the following for helping me make this little vox pop feature:  the lovely ladies at Perception Planning, Willy from Scotty’s the butcher, Conner and his team at P&K, Shirley (of shoe fame!) at Martinborough Library, and the Village Cafe.

You can listen to Martinborough’s memories here, and also as part of a longer programme, #accessallears, the radio show being broadcast every week from Arrow FM , the Wairarapa’s community access radio station, to support The Big Listen campaign.

There will be more about The Big Listen here and also on the campaign’s website, which will be launched later this month.




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