Coming up this Sunday on ReCooper8…

That's Enrico on the right!
That’s Enrico on the right!

It’s a film special this month, with me and Enrico going toe-to-toe on our favorite music from the movies! I see your Godfather Waltz and I raise you the theme from Enemy of the State and so on! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and with any luck you’ll want to see Inception again, or acquaint yourself with Spike Lee’s oeuvre!  And no, that’s not fancy for omelette!

Plus, more music and what’s coming up in the region in 2015 in the way of arts and creative…. stuff (I peaked with oeuvre).

Thank you for listening to ReCooper8 during 2014!  It’s been a blast!  And a huge thanks to Ladybird Childcare for looking after my kids and sponsoring this show!  Don’t forget, you can listen again to most of the interviews and features that have graced ReCooper8’s slot on the airwaves by clicking here.


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