Are you prepared? Earthquake Simulation, Greytown

Some members of the Response Team checking out information about the 'damage' from the simulated earthquake
Some members of the Response Team checking out information about the ‘damage’ from the simulated earthquake

On Wednesday 24th September 2014, Greytown’s Community Response Team held a simulated earthquake disaster exercise to test’s the town’s Readiness Response to a civil emergency. It was Greytown’s contribution to ‘Get Ready Week 2014’ promoted by the Ministry of Civil Defence and supported by the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office.  And Arrow FM 92.7FM was there.

The Community Response Team, headed by local resident Mike Gray, invited members of the community and volunteers to present themselves at Greytown’s Civil Defence Centre, located at the Greytown Town Hall, as a person or family affected by the simulated Earthquake.

The earthquake struck at 9.47am.

I was there for Arrow FM 92.7FM with my trusty recorder, with its non-threatening Gonk Hair baffle (must provide a picture… most people don’t even realize it’s a recorder!) and captured some key moments in the day.  A huge thanks to everybody who took part in the feature!  And my apologies to those people and their voices who didn’t make the final edit – I had so much audio to choose from I was rather spoiled for choice!

A big thanks should go to Greytown resident (and co-presenter of Plunket’s show Cold Tea and Laundry Piles on Arrow FM) Katie Abbott for taking on the part of ‘Mavis’ so beautifully.  Not to mention the other 15 personas she adopted throughout the day!

To listen again to the feature, click on this link.  It was first broadcast on Arrow FM 92.7FM on Thursday 25th September.


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