Introducing…. the Featherston Guerrilla Gardeners!

Did you know its Act for Seed and Food Freedom fortnight?
Did you know it’s Act for Seed and Food Freedom fortnight?

Meet Pansy Flowers, Poison Ivy, Thorn and Rose*…. just a few of Featherston’s Guerrilla Gardeners, who tonight started their self-motivated campaign to transform the town’s Zen Garden (aka the big vacant lot on main street) into a garden by and for the people!

Timing their inaugural action to coincide with the start of Act for Seed and Food Freedom fortnight, the Featherston Guerrilla Gardeners got to work with pick axes, spades and shovels on some unforgiving land just by the skate park – where Chung’s Supermarket used to be – to plant some flowers and vegetables and help transform a small part of an urban-esque wasteland into a productive garden.

Even though I didn’t pick up a spade or pick axe, or in any way got my hands dirty, the FGG were kind enough to spare some time to tell me about what they were doing, why they were doing it, and how you can get involved.  Click on the sound file below to capture a really positive moment in Featherston’s time.

Thanks, FGG, and good luck!

(*Names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

If you want to know more information on the Guerrilla Gardening movement in general, then click on the links here or here, or just google ‘guerrilla gardening’


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