16 Wairarapa writers in “16” for National Poetry Day, August 16

16_National Poetry Day poster_jpgHere’s a press release from local poet and organiser of this year’s events for National Poetry Day, Madeleine Slavick.  I hope you will support this fantastic event, which is bringing local, homegrown poetry to the people:

 16 Wairarapa writers in “16” for National Poetry Day, August 16

Sixteen Wairarapa writers from Cape Palliser to Pahiatua are taking to the streets for National Poetry Day on 16 August. Under the banner of ’16’, the group of 16 writers will display their poems on shop windows throughout the region, and give free poetry performances at Masterton Intermediate School during the day, and Gladstone Vineyard in the evening. The group also created a publication of 16 poems, one from each of the writers involved, and these will be given to 48 schools and eight libraries across the region, and distributed to the public at 26 venues. Author and coordinator Madeleine Slavick says, “The events build a sense of community among writers in the Wairarapa; it was a group effort to create all the elements of ’16′”.

The 16 writers from 10 towns:

Cape Palliser Jo Thorpe

Carterton Agnes Jones, Madeleine Slavick, Gaye Sutton

Featherston Simon Fleck

Gladstone Catherine Day, Pat White

Greytown Justine Eldred, Anne Taylor

Kaipororo/Mount Bruce Jodie Dalgleish

Martinborough John Ansell

Masterton Mary Buckner, Janette Gerritson, Clare McLennan-Kissel

Matarawa Rhondda Grieg

Pahiatua Kerry Popplewell

 The events of ’16’ – all FREE – in 13 towns:

1/ Public performance (6pm) Gladstone Vineyard Café, 16 August

2/ Performance for students (1:30pm) Masterton Intermediate School, 16 August

3/ Poetry window displays at 16+ locations

4/ The publication, of 16 poems ≤16 lines, by the 16 writers & cartoon by Di Batchelor

5/ The publication will be given to the 48 schools and 8 libraries In the Wairarapa

6/ 26 locations in 13 towns will give out the publication and/or have poetry windows:

Almo’s Books / Aratoi Wairarapa Museum  of Art and History / Brackenridge / Cabbage Tree Cottage / Café Strada / Carterton Library / Craft Country / Double Dollar Plus / Entice Café / Featherston Library / Gladstone School / Gladstone Vineyard  / Greytown Library / Kitcheners St Dairy / Lake Ferry Hotel / Masterton Library / Matarawa Station  / Mitre 10 Martinborough / Pahiatua Community Library / Pirinoa Country Store / Printcraft / Pukaha Mount Bruce / Super Minx Greytown / Take Note / The Village Art Shop / Wairarapa REAP

Who is behind ’16’?

Slavick planned ’16’; Simon Fleck initiated the window displays; Pat White co-edited the publication; Anne Taylor designed the visual; the 16 writers contacted the outlets.

New Zealand Post is the main sponsor, Printcraft assisted with booklet, Wairarapa REAP is sending booklets to 48 schools, Gladstone Vineyard & Masterton Intermediate School are hosting events, & 26 outlets above for booklets/displays. ’16’ is presented by Wairarapa Word, a free event at Almo’s Books, 42 High St, Carterton, 1st Sundays, 3pm.

Why 16?

‘16’ was designed to inspire, stimulate, entertain, and to increase the accessibility and visibility of poetry. ‘16’ is one of the 50+ events nationwide for National Poetry Day 2013.

Media contacts: 

Wairarapa: Madeleine Slavick / mmslavick@gmail.com / 370 1611 / 027 5555 327


One thought on “16 Wairarapa writers in “16” for National Poetry Day, August 16

  1. We invite everyone to “16”
    a performance by the 16 writers at Gladstone Vineyard.
    16 August 2013, 6pm.
    Free entry.
    Cash bar.
    A free e-book of 16 poems is available here
    as a free download:


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