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Jen Olson
Jen Olson, talented friend!

Talented friends…. you can’t beat them!  And this month I am very proud to present an interview with my talented friend Jen Olson, artist, musician and one of the nicest, most helpful members of staff at South Wairarapa District Council you could hope to meet!

Jen has been drawing pretty much from year dot, and today is an incredibly accomplished artist with a wonderful imagination and an eye for detail.  She currently specialises in bird collage drawings, mainly in pen and ink, but also works in watercolour and pencil.  Her work is refreshing and captivating, drawing the viewer into a real adventure for the eye.  You can see some of Jen’s work at the Village Cafe in Martinborough, which is fast becoming one of the most accessible (and tasty!) locations in South Wairarapa to see exciting local art and photography.  In the interview we discuss Jen’s love of wildlife drawing, the work that has gone into her latest exhibition, and what to do with a skeleton at a party!  The piano that you hear – that’s Jen, tinkling the ivories of the grand piano which lives in an enormous box at the back of Featherston’s Anzac Hall.  A huge thank you to Jen for her time.  I hope listeners enjoy the interview and get down to the Village Cafe to see Jen’s art – all pieces are for sale, but if they are all snapped up by the time you get there, Jen happily takes commissions.  You can contact Jen directly by email jenna.olson@gmail.com, or contact me and I’ll put you in touch.

Also this month you meet my alter ego – chain smoking jazz singer lady… in other words, I have a very sore throat and have more or less lost most of my voice!  But, somehow I squeak out a review of the recent Wairarapa Word open mic event, and hint at exciting things to come in the world of local cheese making! All that, plus some great tunes, a shout out to my mum, and a heads up on the new art review feature that will be coming up on next month’s show, and every other month after that, courtesy of local artist and art writer Anne Taylor.  My sincere thanks to Anne for joining ReCooper8!  Now, all that’s left is to find a film reviewer….. is it you??

Hope you enjoy the show!