In the month of September….

…. we have a great show for you this month.  As ever, lots of great tunes, including a classic Wedding Present track that I hadn’t heard in a while.  Indeed, I even confess to having had a serious crush on David Gedge about 8 mins into the show, so that’s got to be worth the ticket price in itself!

The highlight of this month’s broadcast is my interview with Steffen Kreft and Anne Taylor, this year’s organisers of the Greytown Arts Festival.  The interview will bring you up to speed on all the arts, music, culture and food events that will be taking place at what promises to be one of this year’s stand out festivals.  Steffen and Anne give you the rundown on the Festival’s highlights – from original artwork (including tape art, which sounds intriguing), to live music, to blind dining – all blended with some music from two of the Festival’s big name performers, The Yoots and Urbantramper.

Also, a quick visit to Featherston’s Facebook page, whats on at our local theatres, and Waldo’s Song from Under Milk Wood performed by Hamish Matheson and the cast!  It’s a real gem!



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