May 2012 – Playlist

  1. Moloko – The Time is Now (5.18) – just a classic track with some decent acoustic guitar
  2. Madness, Baggy Trousers (2.28) – for my sister, Sally
  3. Mariza, Transparente (2.29) – if you get the chance to see Mariza live, TAKE IT!
  4. Bob Dylan, Masters of War (4.31) – my guest, Claire Bleakley’s, first track.  For her, it’s the ultimate anti-war theme
  5. Procal Harum, Whiter Shade of Pale (4.00) – Claire Bleakley’s second track
  6. Supergrass, Richard III (3.21) – reminds me of my student days at Leeds University
  7. McAlmont and Butler, Yes – just an awesome, rousing, in your face ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, number!
  8. Johnny Cash, Hurt (3.38) – powerful and sublime
  9. Thross track, Cigarda Song (4.02) – didn’t get a chance to play this in May, it’ll make an appearance in June’s show

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