April’s show available now!

Oh, didn’t we have fun! Thank you to Jen Olson for the music appreciation, to Kathy Bartlett for the art, sex ed awareness and all round sass, to Nikki King for the muscles, the fitness inspo, and of course the Talent Wairarapa intel, and to Peter Murray for the lowdown on the upcoming model train show at Carterton Events Centre! Click on the links for more information about all these wonderful people and events!

(PS: There was a moment in the show, quite early on, in which Coops shared her ‘knowledge’ about COVID-19’s spread across the globe. She referred to a figure of 3 million cases… she of course meant ‘deaths’. Sorry. For up to date and reliable info on coronavirus, visit here. Thank you!)

Listen to ReCooper8’s April show, chock full of great guests!

ReCooper8 is also available in glorious TechniColor!

Why settle for audio when you can have visual!

Thank you as always to the incredible team at Arrow FM for making the show possible, to Toby Mills at Wairarapa TV for beaming us across the nation, and to you our listeners, cheerleaders and supporters! Katie and Coops love doing this show and we are grateful to you all for letting us indulge our passion for chit chat, great music and outfits entirely comprised of nylon!

Till next month, ReCooper8 whānau!


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