December 2020’s edition of ReCooper8

Adventures in lycra with SPOKED!

Not as tardy as November’s show, but still… anyway, we are here now with December’s offering. Katie and Coops had the pleasure to explore music appreciation in our semi-regular feature with the wonderful Jen Olson; the boys from SPOKED and Jane Cooper from Alexia Wines! It was a biggy!

(Please note: We had a couple of problems with Katie’s mic at certain intervals in the show. Plus, the video starts 12 minutes in… anyway, hopefully a level of enjoyment can be secured from listening/watching this instalment of ReCooper8!)

If you would like to support SPOKED, then please visit their fundraising page here.

Thank you to all our wonderful guests, and to Arrow FM for your ongoing support and general kick-assed-ness!


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