May’s show was a corker!

The Miracle Room, Featherston

Here, for your listening pleasure is May 19’s podcast of the show, featuring my fabulous guests Campbell Kneale, curator and director at The Miracle Room; Holly and Zac Winterwood, founders of Winterwood Sound Immersions; and everybody’s favourite astronomer, Becky Bateman of Under the Stars Wairarapa! More fabulous that you can shake a stick at!

(did you know you can also download us as podcast from iTunes? Yes, that’s right. Just search for ‘Recooper8’ (or click here), click subscribe and never miss a show)

This month we also Facebook Lived… the algorithms have mashed up some of the audio for rights reasons, but you can still see some darn handsome faces… head on over here to view.

Thank you to our beautiful guests, thank you to my fabulous co-pilot, Katie, for putting together a mighty fine playlist, and thank you to our brilliant sponsors – Ursula and Tony at The Top Pub, aka The Greytown Hotel.


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