Open Air Life (Friluftsliv) launches at The Block Party 2018

One of the delicious maps Siv has produced to help the public engage with Open Air Life

On Saturday 20 October 2018, Norwegian-born artist Siv Beate Fjærestad launched her latest public art/intervention, Open Air Life (Friluftsliv), at Masterton’s The Block Party. Open Air Life is an extended nature trail through Masterton’s CBD, inviting the public to walk, look, listen, smell, sense and discover the many “hidden gems” of Masterton’s urban environment. As Siv explains, Open Air Life “presents a set of new visual propositions of how to navigate and appreciate our environment – looking for signs of original bush, streams hidden beneath the concrete”.

During the launch of Open Air Life, Siv was very kind to give me an interview about her project at the seed swap station in Robinson’s Park, a surprisingly tranquil green space just off busy Queen Street. Click on the audio file below to hear Siv talk about the inspiration for the project, how you can get involved, and her aspirations for Open Air Life now and in the future.

You can find heaps of Open Air Life resources at Siv’s blog, including maps and details of the fabulous events Siv has planned between 20 October and 18 November 2018. A3 versions of the trail maps will also be available from Te Patukituki o Wairarapa at 15 Queen Street, Masterton Library (from Wednesday 24 October onwards) and the Information Centre. Alternatively you can download and print your own copies from Siv’s website.

Connect with Open Air Life on Facebook. Or better still, take yourself for a walk!


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