A story about the Pahiatua Convent

Some of the nuns of the Bridgettine Order, including Sister Helena (far left) and Sister Siprian, (3rd from the left), who attended the celebration
Some of the nuns of the Brigidine Order, including Sister Helena (far left) and Sister Cyprian, (3rd from the left), who attended the celebration

In 2013, John Bushnell and his family bought the former  Brigidine Convent in Pahiatua and relocated it to Greytown.  The convent had been at the heart of the Pahiatua community since 1912 until its relocation.  Recently, John and his family opened the doors of their new home to members of the Pahiatua community, including a number of Brigidine nuns, to celebrate the completion of the renovations.  This is a short audio record of that day, and the story of a much loved building that has been given a new lease of life.

Thank you to John Bushnell and his family, and all the wonderful people who spoke to me on the day, and a big thank you to Jen Olson, who used her giant music brain to help source music all in a similar key!

Music credits: Kai Engel, Brooks; The Fantastic Mr Fox Soundtrack, Mr Fox’s Promenade; and Chopin, Etude 25 no. 1

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2 thoughts on “A story about the Pahiatua Convent

  1. A lovely audio story and very well told, It’s great to see the Convent loved & lived in again. I had Piano lessons here from Mother Madeline about 1969-70 as a 9 year old. I bought back a lot of memories. I see my brother Peter Lea & his wife Judy in the slide show too !. Judy taught at St Anthony’s for many years & Peter has built the new houses on the old Convent section.
    Paul Lea , Billund Denmark.

    1. Hi Paul, so lovely to get your feedback! And to hear your memories. It was such a great story to cover. Best wishes, Lucy

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