Return of the Free China Junk Kickstarter Campaign

The Free China Junk premiered at Circus Cinema in Martinborough on 22nd June and is being screened again!
Film-maker Robin Greenberg is raising funds for the sequel to The Free China Junk via Kickstarter!

Way back in 2014 I had the pleasure of interviewing Robin Greenberg, Wellington-based documentary film maker, about her stunning ‘found footage’ documentary, The Free China Junk – a beautiful tale of freedom, courage and the spirit of adventure in 1950s Taiwan.  Excitingly, Robin has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete the sequel film ‘Return of the Free China Junk’, which has recently been screened as a work-in-progress to the NZ International Film Festival — and been accepted!

So now the race is on to finish the film in time!

You can listen again to ReCooper8’s interview with Robin about the original film, The Free China Junk, here.  And you can support Robin to finish the film and get to the festival on time here!

Tune in on Sunday 15th March at 8pm to hear more news about Robin’s campaign on Arrow FM, 92.7FM, you community access radio station!


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