Hoopy Birthday to YOU! The 5 Steps to Awesome!

Me (the fat one in the pram!) and my amazing sister, Sally, contemplating a hoopy future!
Me (the fat one in the pram!) and my amazing sister, Sally, contemplating a hoopy future!  Clearly, my blanket is one step ahead!

By now my incredible sister, Sally, will be in receipt of my birthday gift to her – her very own Flames n’ Games exercise hula hoop!  Sis, I hoop you like it!  (See what I did there?!).  More than likely it’s arrived and you are thinking, “What the bloody hell am I going to do with this?”, and/or “A bottle of wine would have done!” Well, look no further, Sal, this post is for YOU, and for the millions of others of you out there that are on the verge of discovering the awesomeness that is hooping!

Step 1 –  Get yourself a gorgeous HOOP!  Sal, you are sorted on this (for now – give it a couple of weeks before you want to start to build your collection!) There are heaps of resources out there on the internet about how to choose the right hoop for you – try here for starters or just call your local hoop supplier and ask questions – they should be able to talk you through your options.  Don’t be tempted to buy one of those kiddy hoops from the Warehouse – if you’ve not hooped before are you are older than 6 years, you will end up frustrated and exhausted – trust me, I speak from experience!  I bought my first proper hoop from the lovely Sue at Exerhoops, based in Tauranga – it’s the best $25 I’ve spent in a long time!  And, so badly have I fallen in love with hooping, you can now buy Sue’s Exerhoops from me if you live in the Wairarapa, just email me at lucy@exerhoop.co.nz, or check out this link for agents in your part of NZ.

Step 2 – Get that hoop moving! Tune into this beginner’s tutorial from the gorgeous Deanne Love from Hooplovers.com – she is a great instructor and has over 400 hoops, apparently, so knows what she’s on about!

Step 3 – Keep on hooping!  It is fun, zen and beautiful and can get you fit as a flea!  You can burn calories, tone your core, aid your digestion, and build playtime into every day of your life!  I’d look no further than Deanne Love for heaps of hooping videos and resources, including 7 minute workouts that get your heart pumping and your hoop moving, and build all the skills you need to become a confident and happy hooper!  Facebook is also a great place to find other hoopers out there – there’s Hooperfit, the fabulously named Hoop O’Clock Collective based in Brighton, and Hooping.org, to name just three!

Step 4 – Repeat steps 2 and 3!

If you live in and around Featherston, Wairarapa then there we are working on Step 5 – we are hopefully going to start a fun class for people wanting to learn to hoop!  It’s still in development, but I’ve got a bit of interest building – mainly among friends who have said they’ll come to a class just to get me to shut up about hooping!!  Bless!  So, yep, watch this space on that!

So make this YOUR Hoopy Birthday and getting HOOPING!

Hoopy birthday, Sal!  Love ya! xx


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