Rethinking Featherston

Some members of the Featherston community thinking big for their town, 17th July 2014
Some members of the Featherston community thinking big for their town, 17th July 2014

Students from the School of Landscape Architecture at the Victoria University are working in partnership with the community of Featherston, the Community Board and South Wairarapa District Council to develop design scenarios and site-specific design solutions for our town which reflect our community’s desires and are practical and affordable.

On 17th July 2014, nearly 100 local Featherston residents met at the Anzac Hall to meet with the students and begin the collaborative process.  It was an amazing night, full of optimism and a willingness to imagine and build a future for Featherston that builds on its positivism, friendliness and incredible sense of community.

I went along to that evening with my two children and armed with a  hand held recorder with a view to capturing some of the atmosphere and the sense of excitement and possibility.  Unfortunately, as you will hear from the audio quality, I wasn’t armed with the best recording technique that evening.  But, I hope the piece conveys some of the sense of excitement present that night and that the community has for the project as a whole.  I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to Megan Smart, one of the students on the project who captured heaps of audio during her stay in Featherston, some of which I have used in this piece.


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