ReCooper8 Tonight – holidays, Eco-Stays, and some great music!

The Beautiful Okuti Garden Eco-Stay features in ReCooper8 tonight
The Beautiful Okuti Garden Eco-Stay features in ReCooper8 tonight

In a few minutes, at 8pm, ReCooper8 will kick off the new year with a cracking show, filled with tracks from bands I wish I’d seen but didn’t see at the fabulous music venue, King Street Live in Masterton in 2013; an audio essay (it’s much more interesting than it sounds!) on ‘what I did on my holidays’, feat. Okuti Garden in Little River, Banks Peninsula; and news on the arts reviewer and film reviewer both of whom will start their association with ReCooper8 from February!  All that, and a bit more! Tune in, 92.7FM or click listen live at Arrow FM!  Miss it tonight, and you can catch it again on Sunday and next Thursday!  Cheers everyone, and a happy new year to you all!

As promised in the show, here are links to some of the stuff I chat about:

  • Kermode and Mayo Film Review can be found at the Radio 5 Live website.  A must, I reckon, for anyone interested in film and decent film reviews.  And flappy hands.  And hellos to Jason Isaacs.
  • The New Zealand Film Archive can be found here.  Great, mainly free, resource revealing and preserving our history in film.
  • If you want to see a very moving film (made more moving by a great soundtrack) of London in the 1920s, visit here.
  • Aratoi Museum is always worth a visit if you have a bit of time to spare in Masterton.  If you have a bit more time on top of that, have a look at the MainArtery.

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