May Day! May Day! This month’s ReCooper8

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Thursday 16th May @ 8pm

Sunday 19th May @ 10pm

Thursday 23rd May @ 8pm

Michelle Sandford, creator of beautiful bespoke rugs and carpets
Michelle Sandford, creator of beautiful bespoke rugs and carpets.  Not a paid up member of the Tufty Club…!

I’ve just asked my friend Lucy and my husband Jez what they think the Tufty Club is.  My husband said, “It’s a sex thing, isn’t it?”.  Raised eyebrow.  Lucy expressed a similar opinion.  Cue raising of other eyebrow.  She’s advised me to Google the phrase intensively before using it in this blog, so I have.  I’ve not inspected all 165,000 search returns, but top line results would indicate that you could have belonged to the Tufty Club in the 1960s if you or your parents were interested in nothing more racy than road safety.  Tufty Fluffytail and friends (Minnie Mole, Willy Weasel… you get the idea!) introduced clear and simple safety messages for children throughout the UK.  Harmless, quaint and not in the least bit deviant (excepting a few YouTube ‘innovations’ on the Tufty the Squirrel franchise that could make you blush!).  So, Jez, Lucy, my desk top research would suggest that it’s generally ok to say it loud, say it proud, “I’m a member of the Tufty Club” and not risk arrest.

Except I’m not.  A member of the Tufty Club, that is.  Never have been.

But, my special guest this month, Michelle Sandford, is (don’t worry, this blog is getting somewhere!), sort of… well, ok, not really…. but she is a tufter (see, I told you this blog is getting somewhere!).  Michelle, founder member of Featherston’s Craft Country, and creator of gorgeous merino garments for kids and adults, has relaunched her rug making career and is now creating the most sumptuous wool rugs and carpets from her home studio.  My thanks to Michelle for a great interview in which the rug making process is explained and compressors and tufting guns are given a proper airing!  You can contact Michelle via the Craft Country blog page, this blog spot, or via her email to discuss bespoke rug creation.

A handcrafted rug in creation
A handcrafted rug in creation

Also up this month is Anne Taylor’s inaugural arts review!  I am very excited about this new angle to the ReCooper8 show, and look forward to catching up with Anne every other month to chat about what’s on in and around the South Wairarapa area in the way of arts, literature and performance!  This month, Anne talks about Jared Gulian’s new book, Moon over Martinborough, based on his award winning blog, and the latest happenings at Kings Street Art in Masterton.  My thanks to Anne for joining ReCooper8.

Finally, ReCooper8 brings you the latest on Limelight Theatre and Arrow FM’s quest for international fame and fortune at the NZ Radio Awards with their 2012 production of Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood.  “And the winner of this year’s prize for awesome local, Access radio oriented drama is………..”  Watch this space!

I look forward to you joining me this month!


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