The Old White Truck – update

I’ve spoken to Phil Percy lately, the author of The Old White Truck, a delicious little tale of home baked scones and the community spirit in New Zealand, and I’m pleased to report that sales of his first volume of kid’s fiction have gone extremely well,  “with over 400 copies out in the big wide world to date. Copies have travelled all over the world and the book is proving very popular as a gift for friends and family living overseas to remind them of little old New Zealand.”  Phil says he’s “expecting sales to pick up again from now on with Christmas just around the corner. In this world of computer games, social media and e-readers, there is something pretty special about getting an actual book on Christmas morning that you can sit down and read with someone after all the craziness of present unwrapping has subsided.”

Phil has also put the proceeds of the book to good use.  A fantastic “$300 was raised through book sales at an event run by several Martinborough cafes to raise money for Arna Hopkins and her family. Arna is 3 years old and was badly burnt in an accident in her home near Martinborough and is in hospital in Auckland recovering. Two books signed by the author, illustrator and Mr and Mrs Mills were also donated to Life Flight Trust for a charity auction and dinner to raise money to support the rescue helicopter service.”

You can buy copies of the book from the book’s website, and also check out the Facebookpage.

You can view an earlier post about The Old White Truck here.


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