HOT OFF THE PRESS – Broadcast times for Under Milk Wood announced!

Michael Wilson (Arrow FM) has just emailed me with the broadcast times for our production of Under Milk Wood.  They are as follows:

Part One:

  • Monday October 15th at 7am 
  • Monday October 15th at 8pm
  • Saturday October 20th at 4pm
  • Sunday October 21st at 3am

Part Two:

  • Monday October 22nd at 7am 
  • Monday October 22nd at 8pm 
  • Saturday October 27th at 4pm 
  • Sunday October 28th at 3am 

The am times are so UK listeners can be entertained at a reasonable hour.  

You can listen by tuning into 92.7fm on your radio, or listen live at (click ‘listen live)

I shall of course be reminding you over and over again between now and 15th October! As we say in Welsh “gwrthiant yn ofer” (I think… hope that doesn’t say anything rude! Welsh speakers can let me know… any profanities, blame Google Translate!)


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